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I have been so blessed for the last four years to be a part of the Kentucky Derby. Even more important the Super Bowl of all parties the Barnstable Brown event is probably the greatest fun I have all year long. I look forward to the incredible people I meet each year. After losing out on the 2014 auctioned guitar bidding, Paul Veenker promised to never lose out again. He never did. For the last three years. There he was driving the bid closer to 100k so all of the funds could go to charity. Paul and I, even with our limited time, shared a love and friendship. I couldn’t get enough of the humor in conversation as we were always the last ones leaving the event closer to 5 AM each year. He was a dear friend of mine. Sadly he passed away this week leaving me with such incredible gratitude and blessing of a friendship which was so great. Prayers and blessings to his wife and family. He will be dearly missed by all of us. I want to thank Tricia & Sib Barnstable’s for having an event that brings so many types of great people together; I have made many lifelong friends thanks to them. To Paul, Rest In Peace my dear brother. Your pal, Richie.

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Created By: Richie Sambora February 09, 2018

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  • Pamela Kershaw Love the story I’m inspired

  • Mark Joseph Santos Wow! Great story! We’re inspired with the people that is around and no longer around everyday! R.I.P

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  • Pamela Kershaw threw down $20

    4 years ago

  • An Anonymous Donor threw down $5

    4 years ago

    You are two wonderful men Richie. Thank you both! I'm crazy about csnaps and donate when I can. So many good causes here. Thank you Terry Ahern who also does so much!

  • Mark Joseph Santos threw down $3

    4 years ago

  • An Anonymous Donor threw down $10

    4 years ago

    Pretty cool Sambora, great story

  • BW

    Brenda Woodward Grisham threw down $5

    4 years ago

    A best friend always told me that I had a singing voice meant to be heard, but courage is what I lacked. Then "Wanted Dead or Alive" was released and a voice kept saying: "show them; let them hear your gift." It may have been a small, smoky bar and it's been many years since, but I'll never forget that applause and the initial gasp of surprise from all of those there that knew me but didn't KNOW me. My inspiration came from you Richie and your partner in crime, Jon. Thank you and God bless. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • An Anonymous Donor threw down $3

    4 years ago

    Rest in Peace

  • Terry Ahern threw down $20

    4 years ago

    Sambo said it all. Paul will be missed by many. Prayers to the Veenkers. All the Ahern love.