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The simplest way to say it - He Always had my Back. Now, he would toast my back end if I got out of line. Old school, Navy - Coast Guard and I have his eyes. I was his only child. He battled some demons (but when my daughter was born, well he did a 180.) Almost everyday I wish he were still here. 6' 195 lbs and lung cancer took him away in a matter of 5 months. Cancer is evil! Father's Day is always hard - his birthday would have been June 1st - so the entire month really. Cherish your time with those Good Dads that you still have. Dads, make sure you are leaving the memories that will matter. Instil the strength, the ethics, the fortitude to be................ I still hear the last 2 words he said to me, "It's Sugarfoot".... not enough characters to explain that, but suffice it to say, I know.

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Created By: Jean Heath June 17, 2018

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  • Terry Ahern Great love.

  • Jean Heath Thank you Terry - he taught me a lot - didn't have a lot but he was a very strong man.

  • Terry Ahern Jean, I think this world needs a lot more dads like Jean. You did get his beautiful eyes and I'm sure a lot more. Strength, ethics and fortitude all qualities of a great man. Awesome love and memories is what counts. Thank you for sharing your love and pride shines thru.

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  • Terry Ahern threw down $3

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    Great advice "dads make sure your leaving memories that will matter" Amen!!

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    Powerful father daughter story. What solid love.