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There is nothing like having a friend who goes out of their way to do something so cool, it doesn't have to be expensive, its usually something sentimental. Robert Serafin is that sincere cat that took a photo I sent him and blew it up, then sent it back to me one day. Richie Sambora saw it and wanted it. It was of American Pharoah and us before we got on its team to win the Triple Crown. Yesterday while world renowned trainer Bob Baffert was over we went through Sambora's office and there was the photo. We all on behalf of Bob Serafin said we got to take a photo and send it to him. Here it is.

I want to thank this dear friend, this guy shuttles my ass to and from Sturgis to the airport every year and won't take a dime from me. If i'm in need I know a true brother, a true cat that will put what ever he is doing down and help me out. In this selfish world it's a wonderful feeling you got a bro, he may be on the other side of the nation, but I know I can count on him. So from Sambo, Baffert and myself, we love you brother, thank you for the portrait, we are grateful. xx

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Created By: Terry Ahern June 28, 2018

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