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I did a very cool Lifesaver selfie with Erika Jayne at Denise Richards wedding.Knowing that Erika’s a die hard musician I loved making a token donation to the Ovation Music Fund for her taking the time to snap the photo. Each stranger she takes a Lifesaver Fan Selfie with enrolls them in her fan club so they can stay connected for life, plus new followers , new fan club members and donations. I hope she gets her favorite charities registered with Csnaps so other fans of hers can do a meaningful purpose driven selfie with her, or the celebrity in their life, an act of mutual selflessness. She said thank you to me as I did with her. Follow her @theprettymess . Only love and respect. Remember to say Csnaps Only Please. Tell Siri selfie.app and you ‘ll be downloaded in seconds.

I threw down some gratitude. Give what you can and pass the hat. Donate now

Created By: Terry Ahern October 12, 2018

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Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Ovation Music Fund 501(c)(3) provides low income children under 18 with music scholarships so they may attend any approved after-school music program in the US. Ovation currently works with over 120 music schools in 27 states, helping children receive a premiere music education experience. Ovation also creates groundbreaking educational programs which expand children’s knowledge and understanding of the world at large, through music collaborations with partners like Carnegie Hall, and the Casterbridge Music Development Academy in South Africa. These musical exchange programs provide students with life-changing experiences working with mentors and students from other cultures and communities. We give families hope through music!

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    Very cool to use her fame as tool to help those in need. Im in.