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Meet Matthew Shane Goldberg. Please do not forget this face. This face is not only beautiful but inspiring and motivating others to take action against the power of addiction. By lucky circumstance Maureen Sperling came into my life by a phone call totally unrelated. After realizing that our new firm Csnaps.org develops powerful connections to raise funds for important causes she decided to share her story. Matthew like hundreds of thousands like him became addicted to prescriptive opioids which then turn into the much cheaper heroin. Maureen’s story has inspired me to join ranks with Shatterproof.org whose “Stronger Than Addiction” motto can only win with a united fight. If you’ve been affected or want create a resource if ever needed to be there to save a loved one from his heinous epidemic, throw a couple bucks at the add donation here and/or down load Csnaps @ apple app store and share this out. Maureen shared Matthew with me, please share him with your loved ones.

I threw down some gratitude. Give what you can and pass the hat. Donate now

Created By: Terry Ahern February 09, 2017

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  • Terry Ahern Beautiful soul never gone from our hearts.

  • Terry Ahern Throw a couple bucks at fighting addiction w Add on Donation. Shatterprood.org is the real deal. Share, like, save and live on.

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Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the devastation the disease of addiction causes families. Shatterproof works to end the stigma and foster a community of support for families. Shatterproof provides families with evidence-based resources to support prevention, treatment, and recovery. Shatterproof advocates for changes in policy at the federal and state level and supports the development and implementation of evidence-based solutions for substance-use disorders.

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