Csnaps® = Charity Snaps® using fame and gratitude to be a lifesaver to those in need.

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Csnap® = Charity Snap®

Changing a Life Together is a Bonded Fan Forever™ by doing a charity driven selfie.


Celebrity Social Responsibility GAGE

Break my news direct on 7 continents or post my premium content “OnlySelfless™” and the proceeds will go to charities making positive global change.


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Don’t count your blessings, share them! Take A Csnap, Change A Life.


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Tie-In is where fame and gratitude help those suffering or in need. Post an Inspirie or Sacrifie to the Tie-In Gratitude Lounge where that special genuine act of appreciation will always be remembered by everyone. It’s the purest form of showing gratitude. Gage celebrity’s social responsibility by their exclusive monetization for those in need.
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