“From Selfie to Selfless”


What is Tie-In?

Where charity-driven selfies Csnaps (Charity Snaps) inspire people to go from “Selfie to Selfless” by creating powerful bonds between celebrities, fans, brands, and charities. Csnaps monetizes shared photos and personal stories of gratitude to raise funds for important causes.


What is Tie-Ins’ Purpose?

Tie-In is about love for those in need, love for our inspirations, and love for those who use their platforms to change lives and eliminate hate, pain & suffering. It’s about our love for humanity.

What does the name Csnaps mean?

Charity Snaps = Csnaps®


How long does it take fan to get the app, load and take a Fan Csnap till the celeb can leave?

Less than one minute! In fact, it’s 15 15-second loading time from the app store – no need to log in. Just confirm the terms, shoot, and done! Say thank you, and goodbye, sign up, and set up an account later after the celebrity is gone.


“Let’s be a Lifesaver and do a Csnap”


How it works/Money Meter impact?

There are 4 types:

    • Fans can simply ask to take a quick Csnap® with a person of interest which forever capturing something meaningful they did together. It is the most powerful fan experience their hearts will ever feel. The photo can be purchased, with funds going to the celeb’s charity of choice. The photo and the fan’s backstory are posted in the Gratitude Lounge for all to see and shared out to their social network. The fans followers will now become the celebs’ new followers, as long as the celeb remembers to say Csnaps only, please. Quadruple your followers in months! Saving a life together is a bonded fan forever!


    • Celebrity Exclusives (Gages) It breaks here first! Celebrities (or publicists on their behalf) break their exclusive news with a push of a button. In seconds, exclusive content is delivered to media outlets selling directly in 54 countries on 7 continents with proceeds going to the celeb’s charity of choice. The celeb’s instant ability to create and control their buzz at lightning speed, on their terms and with their consent, is imperative in optimizing their identity and fame. The paparazzi chase is over since you donated it away first!


    • Inspirie® Post Don’t count your blessings, share them! An Inspirie® post is an inspirational story about a loved one, place or event accompanying a small donation to the charity of your choice in the Tie-In Gratitude Lounge. Your post with images and story is then shared with others where gratitude in the form of comments and add-on donations flow in from others. It’s that special genuine act of appreciation and thank you that everyone will always remember. A compelling story deserves a caring audience. It’s the purest form of showing gratitude.


    • Sacrifie™ Posts are heroic stories of sacrifice written and told with supporting images and effects shared out to social networks ensuring these heroic people and events live on forever from generation to generation, never to be forgotten.


“Share your inspiration and throw down some gratitude”


The Money Meter is literally what it sounds like: A meter that counts donations as they roll in for each charity. How do we keep this meter running, you ask?

  • Celebrities who adopt a “Csnaps only!” approach will drive charity donations through taking photos with fans in public or at Charity events (for a premium price). Fans can simply ask to take a quick Csnap®.
  • Subsequent fan share-outs of the image will result in add-on donations and new Celebrity followers.
  • When Celebrities break exclusive news and images, and those images are sold and re-sold worldwide, the proceeds will progressively benefit charities year after year.
  • Those who donate Inspiries can share them out to friends and family, who may in turn add on donations and share to their own social media followers.
  • Users who donate Inspiries can also inspire others to do the same, starting their own giving movement.


“Csnaps Only, Please!”


Followership ImpactWhen Fan Csnaps and Exclusive Images are shared out, the notifications always include the Celebrity’s Twitter handle, resulting in a large percentage of new Celebrity followers each time. Using Csnaps creates a Follower Meter that never stops accelerating!


Is Tie-In a charity?

No. The Tie-In is a charity-driven selfless social enterprise with an easy and effective way to quickly drive awareness and raise funds for important causes by monetizing gratitude and fame through shared inspirational stories and images.


Who runs Tie-In?

A small, dedicated group of people trying to change the world, we are driven thought leaders on social entrepreneurship and innovation. Tie-In has offices in Los Angeles, CA.




What percentage of my donation does my charity receive? Are there any processing fees, transaction fees or other costs?

Charities receive 80% of all monies raised from donations on the Tie-In platform, less the deduction of third-party processing & marketing fees (2 – 5%) under our marketing agreement with them. Tie-In receives a minimum 20% to keep the platform running. Third party costs are generally between 2% and 5% of each transaction. Tie-In receives 20% to keep the platform running. This is a pretty fantastic split, compared to many other charities, where a significantly lower percentage might be delivered to those in need.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. You will receive a thank you email with a receipt after each transaction and an additional donor acknowledgment letter, for tax purposes, from the Charity.


Are there minimums or maximums on donation amount?

The minimum donation for any Csnap is $3.00. There is no maximum donation amount. Should you choose, you can also select to have your donation be a monthly, quarterly or annually recurring payment.


How are payments processed? What forms of payment are accepted?

Payments are made via any major credit card. Standard processing times will apply, but generally, the Charity will receive the funds electronically within 1-2 days.


How does Tie-In collect user data?

Tie-In users set up an account, either by logging in through a social media account or using their name and e-mail address. Regardless of the method, all information you provide comes to Tie-In. We also collect certain other information about users as they use the site, as described by our Privacy Policy. We DO NOT collect credit card information, as all payments are processed using a secured third-party payment processor.


What user data does Tie-In report to charities?

If you make a donation on Tie-In, the applicable Charity will be given the following information about you: your name, email address, amount of donation and the date/time the payment occurred. This is so they can send you a donor acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.




How do I get started?

Simply click the Login button on the Home Page to get started. You can log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, or by entering your name and email address.


How old do I have to be to sign up for Tie-In?

You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for Csnaps.


What platforms are supported?

Csnaps is available on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac at this time.




I am a Celebrity personality. How can I join Tie-In?

To speak to someone to learn how to work with your Charity of choice using the Csnaps platform, click verified@csnaps.org.


I am a Charity. How can I begin using Tie-In to help raise money for my cause?

To speak to someone to learn how to use the Csnaps platform to raise money, click charities@csnaps.org.


What do I do if I see objectionable content on Tie-In?

To report objectionable content, click support@csnaps.org. Users who post inappropriate content are warned, and repeat violators may have their Csnaps accounts revoked.


How do I contact Tie-In?

For technical support, please email: support@csnaps.org.
For general inquiries, please email: info@csnaps.org.
If you are a Charity and want to learn how to optimize Csnaps for your fundraising, email: charities@csnaps.org.




Please be sure to read and occasionally revisit our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.