Celebrity Donated News or Premium Content

Humanity Over Vanity™
It breaks here first! Celebrities (or teammates on their behalf) break their exclusive news with a push of a button. In seconds, exclusive content is delivered to media outlets selling directly on 7 continents with proceeds going to the celeb’s charity of choice. The celeb’s instant ability to create and control their buzz at lightning speed, on their terms and with their consent, is imperative in optimizing their identity and fame.
Celebrity content can be monetized and shared on “OnlySelfless™”, a selfless social site sold by subscription, PPV, and lock links, with all proceeds going to charity. Remote access to the Selfless Social® platform allows for immediate collaboration and buy-in from your entire media team. Define your brand or someone else will. The paparazzi chase is over since you donated it away first!

  • Upload your exclusive photo or video, with story or announcement
  • Choose Charity Partner
  • Push “Send” and your news will be in 54 countries on 7 continents instantly, generating money (and residuals) for your charity forever!

Break Your News Now

Csnap – Fan Csnap

You and your fans join forces to take photos that can be purchased, with funds going straight to the Charity of your choice. The Humanitarian Autograph!

  • Download the Csnaps App
  • Choose your Charity Partners
  • Respond to requests for fan pics with “Csnaps only, please!”
  • Celebs and fans can save a life together by taking Fan Csnaps or Lifesaver Selfies.
  • Most powerful fan experience these two hearts will ever feel.
  • Takes seconds & allows both to move along bonded forever.
  • Celebs pick up a large number of their fans followers when the fan shares out their photo/story.

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Inspirie® or Sacrifie™ Post

Don’t count your blessings, share them! Post an Inspirie (an inspirational story + your own images) or Sacrifie to the Csnaps Gratitude Lounge and seamlessly raise funds for causes you care about. Share your Inspirie or Sacrifie out to your social media platforms and watch your star power lead your humanitarian movement. Selfless Celebrities can set a campaign goal with their Inspirie Post and rally their followers to help meet it. It’s the crowd funding charities have always dreamed of, led by a celeb we love.

Share an Inspirie