About Us

Our Vision

A selfless society where gracification™ not polarization brings the world together as one. The world of we all monetizing gratitude and fame to fund important causes with huge year after year increases in donations & supporters.

Our Mission

To inspire people to go from “Selfie to Selfless” by creating powerful bonds between celebrities, fans and charities by monetizing exclusive celebrity news and personal stories of inspiration or sacrifice and gratitude to raise funds for important causes.

Our Values

We value your compelling story, compassion and social awareness. As a social enterprise, we look for collective opportunities to create the change we all want to see in the world.


About Csnaps


Csnaps (Charity Snaps) was born out of the realization that celebrities were giving away valuable images & stories stripping charities of billions of dollars. At the 2014 Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres organized what is now known as the most shared selfie in history, worth as much as $1 billion if sold, and instead it was given away free! How can we monetize these images and all of our personal stories of inspiration to help those suffering and in need?

Now we all can! Go from selfie to selfless with Csnaps. Having a Selfless Social products in our media presence is the least every fellow human being can do for humanity. Humanitarian Gold is that portion of everyone’s social media that can be donated and monetized. Exclusive; newsworthy, announcements or personal stories of inspiration/gratitude shared by all of us to the world showing authentic selfless transparency.

Celebrities can be true Lifesavers by breaking their exclusive news & special announcements now thru the Csnaps app. Not only on your terms and consent but the worldwide dollars from the exclusive images and stories go to the charity of the celebs choice. Celebs and fans can save a life together by taking a Csnap thus sharing the most powerful fan experience these two hearts will ever feel. It takes seconds and allows both to move along but forever captures a bonded connection.

Research has proven, the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in life is how much gratitude you can identify and outwardly express. Everyone has a story to tell, the Gratitude Lounge is the place of compassionate and caring listeners. Most people go from the cradle, to the cubicle, to the coffin without sharing their authentic gratitude on the real celebrities in their lives, i.e. those people, places or things that inspired or blessed their lives significantly. Post an Inspirie® or Sacrifie™ (story+pics) to our Gratitude Lounge and throw down a little gratitude, couple of dollars, for your own charity and share it out. Increase your happiness while inspiring others to go selfless and share their inspiration & gratitude.

With Csnaps, we aim to:

  • Create a new Selfless Social era of celebs breaking their exclusive news & special announcements with control of authentic transparent brand worldwide, making them a Lifesaver for important causes.
  • Bond celebrities to their fans in a deep, intimate and powerful way taking only seconds to do by taking a Csnap or Fan Csnaps only!
  • Share your story of inspiration to our Gratitude Lounge in hopes of inspiring others to share theirs, and be lifesavers to the needy.
  • Eliminate the paparazzi stalking and chase. Exclusive images have already been donated away!
  • Fund cures, eliminate pain and suffering for those in need by the huge increase in donations & supporters.
  • Change the world, go selfless, you too can be a real Lifesaver to the suffering and those in need.

Start taking Csnaps with loved ones or celebrities. Go from Selfie to Selfless.
Become a real Lifesaver and download the Selfie.app and go Selfless Social.

Our Team


Richie Sambora

Co-Founder, Advisor


Terry Ahern

Co-Founder, CEO


Mark Santos

Chief of Staff


Mike Mast

Head of Operations


Jill Ishkanian



Noah Graydon

Director Systems


Programmer 1

Senior Developer


Elazje Carillo


Charity Partners