Benefits to the Charity

  1. Csnaps creates a money meter that runs on each Celebrity for your entire event. Your Charity sets the Fan Csnap rate for the event, and attendees can take as many Csnaps as they want, with proceeds going to your cause.

  2. For the attendee, it’s more than just a photo; they are sharing a memorable moment with the celebrity, during which both make a united difference in the lives of others! It’s a gracious, meaningful act of respect by both parties.

  3. Your Celebrities can now use Verified Csnaps for precision image boosting & control (to drive their marketing), which results in yet another money meter that offers long term payouts for you, the Charity. Their donated images and stories continue to sell forever, leading to a snowball effect for your Charity.

  4. The attendee’s social media share-out of their Fan Csnap & story influences others to participate through an add-on donation that can create another runaway money meter. This will reach and convert new donors outside of your primary donor network. Csnaps is viral!

  5. Csnaps allows shy donors a safe and non-intrusive introduction to the Celebrity at your event.

  6. Your Charity will receive cash, within days, to your fundraising account.

  7. You may be able to reduce overhead by leaning away from more traditional, costly and cumbersome marketing efforts by taking advantage of the viral nature of Csnaps.

  8. Csnaps optimizes every second and ounce of influencer fame to generate more money to your cause, while creating game-changing benefits for the Celebrity that can’t be found anywhere else.