Communicating with Celebrities

Csnaps has access to Celebrities, and we’re talking to them. But you can too!

Tell them you’re partnering with Csnaps to help raise even more money for your Charity, and that you’d love their support through Csnaps!

Celebrities can use Csnaps in 3 ways:

Fan Csnaps

Celebrities who adopt Csnaps can demand “Csnaps only, please!” when taking pictures with fans. Once the Fan Csnap is taken, the fan can then purchase the photo for a small donation, with proceeds going to your Charity.

For fundraising events with Celebrities in attendance, fans can pay a premium price per photo, and now your event has a ticking Money Meter.

Verified Csnaps – Exclusive News & Images

Celebrities can break exclusive news and images through Csnaps, to be sold to media outlets around the world, with proceeds going to your Charity. Images will be catalogued for future purchases. The monies today and snowballing lifetime residuals will all go to your Charity. When the news breaks on the Csnaps site, fans will come and add on donations.

Inspirational Csnaps

Your Celebrity partners can donate an Inspirational Csnap, memorializing someone or something that inspires them. They upload an image, write a personal story, and add a small donation. Then they share it out with their followers, who can then add on donations.

What You Can Do

  • Contact your Celebrity partners and let them know you have registered with Csnaps
  • Encourage them to download the Csnaps app and set up their free Verified account
  • At your events, remind them to take only Fan Csnaps – challenge them to take as many as possible. It’s all for Charity!
  • Ask your Celebrity partners to break their Exclusive News & Images to help bring money into your Charity on a recurring basis
  • Ask your Celebrity partners to upload Inspirational Csnaps in support of your cause, then share out their Inspirie with their social media followers, who can then add on donations. Watch the support roll in!


Sample Celebrity Letter from Charity

Benefits for your Celebrities

  • Your celebrities will love this new, effortless way to change lives. Simply by posting a photo, stopping to take a picture with a fan, or breaking their own news, they can help raise money for their favorite Charity
  • Instead of having paparazzi or reporters break exclusive news about them, they can control their image and personal story, while raising money for Charity
  • Your celebrities benefit from the positive PR that results from their Charity work, and raising money through Csnaps is a great way to do it
  • Because each Csnap share-out (through social media) includes the participating Celebrity’s Twitter handle, they have the ability to increase their own followership, adding value and power to their Celebrity brand
  • And, of course, there’s the not-so-insignificant financial benefit of the tax deduction for Verified Csnaps and Inspirational Csnaps they donate.