Terms of Use

So you’ve registered with Csnaps! Now you need to teach your donors how to use it!

Market to Your Donors

  • Let your donors know you’ve partnered with Csnaps, a new app/site that fosters a giving movement. They can download the free app from the App Store or GooglePlay, or simply visit https://csnaps.org/ to get involved.
  • Encourage them to support your Charity with an Inspirational Csnap. They upload an image, write a personal story, and add a small donation. Then they share it out with their followers, who can then add on donations.
  • Let them know they might have the opportunity to take pictures with Celebrities at your events, and they can do this through Fan Csnaps.Have them download the Csnaps app (free), so they’re camera-ready.

By using Csnaps, your donors can support your Charity, while recruiting new FANS of your Charity. Every time a donor shares a Csnap, and pushes it out to their social media followers, the Money Meter starts ticking!

And the best part is, all donations to your Charity are tax deductible!