Share Gratitude On Father’s Day! Win An Autographed Guitar From Richie Sambora Using The Rocker’s New App

Csnaps is the selfless social media platform for a cause.

Share Gratitude On Father’s Day! Win an Autographed Guitar from Richie Sambora Using the Rocker’s New App thumbnail

Looking for the best Father’s Day gift? Look no further! Csnaps.orgOpens a New Window. is the newest platform that allows you to express your gratitude to the best man in your life, your dad! As a bonus, you also have the chance to serenade him with a guitar owned by one of the most esteemed guitarists in the rock world – Richie SamboraOpens a New Window. of Bon JoviOpens a New Window. fame.

This Father’s Day, Csnaps invites you to join the Gratitude LoungeOpens a New Window.. Post your Inspirie (inspirational story+photo) and get a chance to win a guitar, signed by Sambora himself. Sign up on Csnaps.orgOpens a New Window., download the app, and sign up. Post an Inspirie sharing your gratitude or stories about your father.

 The musician has gone to work on a new humanitarian autograph that delivers a meaningful, quick and memorable fan experience that will drive millions of dollars to charities and truly change lives.

The new app and website for Csnaps has all the proceeds going to a celebrity’s charities of choice while they gain followers from the fans’ network.

Celebrities love taking photos with fans, so what if every photo taken could be donated to a good cause? The “Fan Csnap” app feature makes the celebrity and fan experience even more meaningful, quick and memorable. With today’s Humanitarian Autograph, celebrities alongside with their fans take photos that can be purchased with the funds going to the celebrity’s charity of choice. Csnaps allows each verified celebrity three preset default charities to their account to disperse the donations.

And it’s not uncommon that a lot of fans have thousands of followers on social media.

The fan’s followers will most likely follow and support the celebrity as well since their Twitter address will be made public by the fan in the viral sharing of Fan Csnap stories in the Csnaps Gratitude Lounge.

In the Gratitude Lounge new fans can throw down additional gratitude in the form of comments or add-on donations which spins the celebrity’s charity money meter. The amount of viral donations becomes more important than the number of likes that the celebrity’s photo receives. And everyone benefits! Celebs and their fans can have a meaningful interaction while they change the world together!

Go from selfies to selfless with Csnaps. Selfies are out, and “Inspiries” are in.

Csnaps’ revolutionary humanitarian platform also allows people to tell their stories of inspiration or gratitude along with a photo or video. These posts with images called “Inspiries” are shared out and can seamlessly raise funds for causes they care about.

Every story counts and helps to create awareness and prompt action for people to get involved in charities. Share a smile with a Csnaps!

Other celebs who are already supporting the cause include Megyn KellyOpens a New Window.Tommy Lee and John O’Hurley.